Data Analytics

Big Data

Big data technologies are versatile and complex. We help with conception, design and the architecture of your modern information platfrom so that you don't get lost in the technology chaos.


Creative Features

ToCyber creates leading edge data visualization solutions. Our work covers smart information concepts, concise user interface design and high-performance data processing.

Data Visualization

To captivate your audience, you must be most exceptional. We provide leading edge visualization technologies for your information applications. To meet specific information needs, we develop customized components.

Interactive Simulation

Our business simulations allow users to change business parameters on the user interface interactively. Immediate visual feedback delivers insights on the expected effects. This playful approach ensures security for decisions and supports argumentation.

Big Data Analytics

We automate smart data analytics to visualize striking data patterns and to point out hot topics which demand further action. Even with large, diverse data sets, we can provide amazing performance for delivering immediate insights.

Information Architecture

We develop a storyline for each stakeholder group to create the most information value. A consistent guidance ensures that the key questions are being answered. Designing a solid information structure is essential to build successful solutions.

What We Do

Business Intelligence

Measure and optimize the customer experience in both the digital and physical worlds. And link customer-driven strategies to your defined business goals.

IOT Analytics

Prepare and blend machine and sensor data with other assets - e.g. ERP or CRM systems - to provide the necessary context to deliver transformative business outcomes.

Custom Dashboard

We will deliver highly tailored and stylized reports and custom dashboards - e.g. with drill downs on any dimension or table - that will meet end user requirements and business needs.

Cybersecurity Analytics

A simplified cybersecurity analysis solution allows end users like forensic analysts, cybersecurity analysts and data scientists to quickly detect threats and immediately act on any event.


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